Kurlis offers following services

  Manufacturing Services

  Engineering Services

  Design solutions

Manufacturing Services

Kurlis manufactures wiring harnesses for a wide range of industries and applications- which includes Industrial , Medical & Aerospace applications. Key features are

  Manufacturing complex wiring harnesses

  Processing wide range wire sizes (26 - 3/0 gauge) and wire styles, including PVC, cross-link, braided and braidless silicone, rubber, Teflons etc.

  Convoluted split loom per your specifications

  Automatic state-of-the-art cut, strip, and terminating equipment to ensure accuracy

  Wire harness build boards with 100% electrical continuity testing

  Prototype Team to build samples for design validation

  Comprehensive verification, testing & certification

Engineering Services

Engineering services is the core competency and a critical component of Kurlis.

Kurlis engineers can assist customers with DfX (Design for Manufacturability, Reliability, Serviceability and Component Availability) to reduce costs and improve reliability and delivery. Working with customers throughout the product life-cycle to successfully launch new products, lower total costs and shrink time to market.

Kurlis provides high quality on site engineering service during development phase of cable assemblies/product. Below are the list of engineering services offered .

  Bench Marking & Tear Down

  Packaging Study

  Product Design & CAD Modeling

  Manufacturing Feasibility

Design solutions

Design capability is the core strength of the group. A strong manufacturing background enables the Group to offer practical solutions with technical recommendations, designed for manufacturability .The team has expertise in designing wiring harness solutions for all applications. We partner early in the development process, starting with the concept and design phase to

  Reduce costs and inefficiencies

  Speed your time to market and meet deadlines

  Gain competitive advantage

           In addition to wiring harness design, below are the few areas, we have design capabilities. In-house capability of process design and validation

  Designing & manufacturing of Jigs & Fixtures

  Design & manufacturing of circuit checking & assembly boards

Tooling design for wiring harness process equipment, testing & assembly equipment Kurlis is equipped with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM software to support customer with design solutions.